Signed up for Hal0

May not make it

I am hopeful


I’ve been away from the blog scene for a while now thanks to Gears of War, and I’d almost completely forgotten that I had a blog at all. Mostly I’ve been reading the news instead of reiterating it, but after checking my spam email account, I found that I’ve been receiving a few comments here and there, which proved to me that this blog isn’t quite dead. In light of that, and in the hopes of posting a bit more often now, here’s your weekly dose of addictive Flash gaming:

Enjoy the Gears Countdown Timer

It’s counting down till 11-08-06, the first realistic date that anyone is going to be able to play it

It pretended like it worked, but then it didnt, so heres a boring old text link

After seeing this French Microsoft Ad I really want to order an Xbox 360 from France just to support such creative advertising, <sarcasm> thats why I’ve now set up a “Buy B33b3s a French Xbox 360” fundraiser. </sarcasm>
(It also kindda makes me want the wheel too, but I’ll buy that one myself)

Alas, my Printscreen key isn’t working (But wait! The actual embedded video!)

While I don’t condone current gen emulation, I feel that it’s perfectly justified that I refer to the rom of The Legend of Zelda OoT, partially because I seriously doubt that Nintendo is making any more money off of it, and also because my cart is slowly dying of short lived batteries. However, that wouldn’t be much of a blog post if I just ended it there would it? I found this dandly little texture mod for the OoT rom that replaces quite a few of the textures with High Definition versions. It all looks oh so pretty and crisp. I’m sure that if the original Zelda devs saw this and weren’t outraged about piracy, they be proud. There are also quite a few other interesting N64 texture mods.

Picture (Animated Gif) :

If you thought that pong was oldschool, you havent seen Text Pong